The Trans-Pacific Partnership (known as TPP) is a proposed Agreement between twelve Pacific countries.TPP

Someone might ask: “Why should Europeans care?”
Well, as Tarmack from Feature Creep notices in the video bellow, is that the intention of this agreement is to set strict rules that will implicitly affect the trade-relations between the signatories and the non-signatories.

But, how is gaming – our favorite digital hobby – gets affected?

  1. Terms on IP benefiting unduly the rights-holders (contrary to consumer protection laws) by letting an optional fair use to exist.
    (For those not related to the US IP law, fair use consists – very broadly put – the exceptions on copyright)
  2. Terms on term of protection, which extends too much (70 years), meaning that most countries might need to extend their national terms.
  3. The introduction of Criminal Prosecutions for the unauthorized access to trade secrets held in a computer system. How about unreleased game-info?
  4. Legal Incentives for ISPs who cooperate with the legal enforcement.large
  5. Digital Rights Management (DRMs) circumvention fully banned, without any exceptions, at all, AT ALL.
  6. Civil damages, infringement damages, destruction of the infringing content AND the involved device. On a commercial scale, the penalties become even harsher and include criminal procedures as well. And commercial scale is quite a wide field as far as TPP is concerned.

Gaming is affected by those provisions. Hence, TPP is affecting this field unduly.