I discovered the documentary series “Dark Net” a few months ago. I immediately knew that I had to watch it!!Now I know that everybody should!!

What stroke me the most, was that although I was (partially) aware that the Internet is not a heaven place, I was shocked by the brutality and malice that exists in our nature. I think of this malice as a virus. I believe that it exists in our systems. However, other times it never shows, and there are times that it comes forward in the most malevolent and disgusting appearance. I also believe that it always existed. However, nowadays, the evolution of technology has empowered information to travel faster than ever and this has brought such activities on the surface. Consequently, all types of information, such as news, knowledge, campaigns, illegalities and further denouncements are being widely spread, read, heard and exposed every day.


“Dark Net” explores the furthest reaches of the internet and the people who frequent it. Dark Net provides a revealing and cautionary look inside a vast cyber netherworld rarely witnessed by most of us. Provocative, thought-provoking and frequently profound, each episode illuminates an exciting, ever-expanding frontier where people can do anything and see anything, whether they should or not.
– Showtime Networks and Showtime Digital

The whole documentary is a “must see”. However, I would like to stand on a specific episode of Season 1.

Episode 3 has the title “Exploit” and its main subject is child pornography.

The digital era gives rise to unprecedented opportunity to exploit, and be exploited. Troves of child pornography are available at the click of a mouse. Who are these children – and who profits from their abuse? While facilitating the darker side of our impulses, technology is also being touted as a cure to rehabilitate predators. In this episode meet the children who are forced to perform sex acts on camera; people who use the same technology to protect kids and nab the perpetrators; plus, a pedophile who reveals the roots of his addiction.
– Showtime Networks and Showtime Digital

The magnitude of the problem may not be clear to everybody. The media do not cover such topics regularly and people do not stand to hear or watch anything that sounds sad. The fast pace of our society does not leave any room for altruism or humanity. In addition people have been well taught not to believe what they see on screen, or read in the news. They keep the distance like the reality shown on TV or written in an article is another movie, another commercial. Not until, the problem itself appears in their front door.

However, there are people (out there) from campaigners to researchers and to ex-offenders trying to handle and minimize the problem every day.

Becoming aware of the problem is the first step. Spreading the word and the awareness is the second. Shall we start?


Source: http://www.sho.com/dark-net

The ideas expressed in this article are completely the ideas of the writer and under no circumstances should they be interpreted as the ideas of any and all the creators of and participants to the documentary.