Hello again!

As you may see the blog is still under construction. There are already many ideas on how we can make this blog a “home” for news related to the Internet, new technologies, regulations and other matters that matter to us! The posts will be categorized according to their topic. These categories will be easily accessed from the menu button on the top-left corner of the home page. (At present, you can only view the “Welcome” note. The rest will follow in due time, during the gradual construction of the blog)

Initially, due to my field of work, I decided to separate the blog in two sections. The first one will address issues on matters of global interest. The second, will be more Greek-focused, referring to everyday news and other information as regards relevant developments in Greece.

Furthermore, the blog’s intention is to highlight technology issues, inform, initiate thinking and discussion around these, connect all the enthusiasts and create a society and a source of information.

My intention is not to make this blog personal, but to keep it open for the expression of further ideas from all over the world. Hence, you are more than welcome to comment, propose topics and contribute in any way you find interesting.

I hope you find your piece of interest in ‘diginsite’. If you do, dig it

Let the journey begin. Stay tuned.